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The NSS joins battle to thwart growth of sharia law in Britain

The NSS joins battle to thwart growth of sharia law in Britain, November 17, 2009

The National Secular Society is supporting the One Law for All demonstration on Saturday 21 November in Hyde Park

Terry Sanderson, President of the NSS, said: “It is important that everyone who believes in democratic law making stands up against the creeping influence of sharia in Britain.

“The Government seems incapable of mounting an effective challenge to the increasing number of sharia-based tribunals and arbitrations. There seems to be no oversight on their activities. We are deeply concerned for the welfare of women and children whose lives may be profoundly affected by decisions made in these supposed courts. We worry that some of these people are unaware that there is a justice system available to them that will treat them as equals and which operates on laws that have been developed and changed in the light of knowledge and experience.

“Sharia law does not develop, it is fixed and immutable, but its interpretation is unpredictable, unregulated and subject to the whims and prejudices of individual practitioners.

“The Government must ensure that all citizens of this country are treated equally before the law, and they must do it now before our unified system of justice becomes damaged irreparably.”

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